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Yorkshire Tea : Bar Codes Buy Wheelchairs

Bar Codes Buy Wheelchairs

Yorkshire Tea Bar Code scheme improved.

Yorkshire Tea  have been very pleased with the outcome that the scheme now covers the bar codes of all their Yorkshire Tea products including cakes and biscuits. 

As there are now many bar codes eligible the card is no longer adequate and items should be sent loose to us for sorting. 

To give an example of the improved benefits that we now receive, each unit has a value of 10p. The box of 80 tea bags carries the value of 10p ie one unit, so the largest catering bag carries a value of 15 units,  £1.50p,just 50 of those would buy and deliver the wheelchair. 

 750 units are required to buy and deliver a wheelchair.

The programme has no time limit so please keep up the excellent work and spread the word.

Once again thank you for your generosity and I hope continued support.

The partnership with Yorkshire Tea has already seen
£100,000’s raised for the Rotary Foundation and Wheelchair Foundation with the constant purchase of wheelchairs.

Please start collecting know and encouraging your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Not only will you enjoy a good cup of tea with no extra cost you can provide a
wheelchair for a needy person and if you collect the tokens as well as the bar codes you will help to save a rain forest in Peru.

A humanitarian and environmental programme all at no cost

All Bar Codes tokens should be posted to Wheelchair Foundation UK, PO Box 658, Wetherby, LS22 9AD


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