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Providing Mobility, Independence, Freedom and Hope.

Chosen as a preferred charity in 2006 by Rotarians all over Great Britain and Ireland and then being regularly recognised in Rotary’s 'Opportunities to Serve' projects has ensured that a sustainable delivery of all terrain brand new wheelchairs are regularly delivered to the needy in the developing countries.

From the humble beginning in District 1040, Yorkshire with the goal to send one 40 foot container of 280 wheelchairs to Lesotho all 29 districts have been supportive in the sending, to date in excess of 33,000 wheelchairs to 30 countries.

The Rotary Foundation

Over the past 2 years we have been able to support the writing of 3 Global Grants and many District Grants that has resulted in Clubs/Districts gaining funding from The Rotary Foundation. Since 2004 the Founadtion has donated in excess of US$900,000.

How you can help

Request a speaker at your meeting

We would be delighted to provide a guest speaker for one of your meetings to help explain how Wheelchair Foundation UK provides the delivery of this essential support to disabled people throughout the world. To request a speaker, please contact Milton on 01937 580725 or by email info@wheelchairfoundationuk.org.

Raise funds
There are numerous ways from the individual donation to sponsored events etc. Should you wish to consider applying for a Matching Grant we will assist with the paper work? You might decide to have an event and need some advice or assistance; we will be pleased to help. For further information visit fund raising or please contact Milton on 01937 580725 or by email info@wheelchairfoundationuk.org.


There are many ways of assisting from speaking to clubs, helping to fund raise or having a hands on involvement in delivering the aid for further information contact Milton on 01937 580725 or by email info@wheelchairfoundationuk.org.

Thank you to all supporters

We are a charity run by Rotarians for Rotarians. 


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